Robin Reveal - Owner

I became a dance teacher when I took my son to a gymnastics Mommy and Me class at the YMCA when he was 18 months. He was my first born so I was looking for activities with other stay at home moms. While participating in the class, I had mentioned it would be a fun job. The teacher mentioned they were hiring in dance and gymnastics and I applied. I did have a dance background of 8 years but had to be trained in gymnastics.

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Since that first job I have spent 20 great years teaching dance.

I feel dance brings joy to everyone’s life beginning with the student which passes on to the parents and to the grandparents. It creates memories and friendships between the students and the student’s parents. To be able to build confidence in girls and boys is something that is special to me and for them to grow up strong adults is even better. My job is more than the dance routine or creating the perfect dancer, it’s the positive influence that it creates. I get told everyday how much I am loved which builds my self esteem in which I can pass on among my dancers.